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STS Global Technologies

STS Global Technologies is a leading Global M&A boutique advisory firm with nearly 40 yrs of IT & Technology domain experience.

We serve our U.S.A clients from Atlanta since 1980 with 3 prominent board members and several advisors with global reputation. We have Global reach covering North America, Mexico, Europe, Middle East, India & Southeast Asia.


[email protected] 404-983-2771.

Mr. Pundi Narasimham

Mr. Pundi Narasimham: An American Citizen having built and sold companies in the last few decades in the North America and Asia Pac region.  Dedicated, Enthusiastic, Creative, Analytical, Intellectual, Inherent PR-Marketing Skills, quick relationship builder, Multi-faceted & outstanding resourceful Professional with hands-on experience in Marketing, Global Talent acquisition & retention, M&A & Liaison with Government & Trade bodies.  Well-connected & widely traveled across continents with a global mindset. Management, Coordination and Integration of people, processes and place environment in direct support to organizational needs & real business support function. Reporting to the TOP Management providing feasibility studies, strategic & hands-on management support to get new projects up and away in the shortest possible time. Represented the County Government in the US promoting bilateral trade & services between India and the US.  Possessing high IQ, excellent business acumen; decision-making ability; leadership qualities; ambitious; physical & mental agility; confidence; interpersonal skills; and team spirit. Proven track record of handling Crisis Management with ease. Ability to concentrate for long hours with inquisitive mind, perseverance, a systematic and methodical approach towards business, ability to build relationships in the quickest possible time and sustain it long term, Well versed in the International affairs of the economic, immigration and Geo-political developments. Preferably looking at opportunities as Retainer / Strategy Consultant / Business partner, to build a large global IT Company and take it to NASDAQ. 


[email protected] 703-627-2108

Mr. Vik Chauhan

Mr. Vik Chauhan: Senior Advisor US Cybersecurity (DoD, Homeland Security, Dept. Of Energy), formerly Global Leader of Deloitte Cyber Practice. Instrumental in setup of the Army Cyber Command. Member Task Force providing comments for the NIST-DHS Cyber & Cyber Physical Systems Framework. Advisor to Leading Silicon Valley Cyber companies, US Government, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Colombia & India in Defense & Security


[email protected] 214-986-6171

Dr. Raj Kurusamy

Dr. Raj Kurusamy: VP of Oil & Gas practice and an expert in Technology – Engineering Consultancy. Expert in Engineering Management, Business Development, Joint Industry Projects, Multi-Disciplinary Engineering, Technology Development, Mergers & Acquisitions. 16 years of Oil and Gas industry experience, (Offshore, Subsea, Onshore, Upstream and Midstream), Subject Matter Expert in Onshore & Offshore Pipelines, Drilling, Subsea Engineering. Current Areas of Engagement includes Innovation, IOT, AI, Analytics and Cybersecurity (Operational\ Technology). Dr. Raj also has teaching experience for 10+ years at University of Texas at Arlington, Doctorate/Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas, Arlington


[email protected] 281-635-2443

Mr. Stan Venkat

Mr. Stan Venkat: is an accomplished and motivated professional with extensive experience in Program and Project Management, Automation and RPA(Robotic Process Automation) , Database/System Administration, Change control, Workflow, Agile and Scrum, SDLC, application development & design, and infrastructure & customization. Strong Industry experience in Oil and Gas and E&P Experience with latest technologies in result oriented areas such as ETL, data warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data and analytics and Cloud Computing.


[email protected] 860-970-9811

Mr. Govind Gurrala

Mr. Govind Gurrala: is a resourceful and team-oriented techno-business consultant with over 25 years of domestic and international experience in IT operations, project management, program delivery and portfolio management with a strong services mindset. He is a results proven, customer-focused professional with extensive knowledge in IT technology, US healthcare &  insurance domain knowledge, and Mergers and Acquisitions


[email protected] 408-314-8997

Mr. Pad N Swami

Pad believes in Simplicity, Perseverance, Purpose-driven Life that leads by example and makes a difference. Pad always says “A Candle loses nothing by lighting another”, “Perseverance, Attitude, Determination, are foundations to our success!” And ever ready to support, motivate and coach aspirants 

Pad N Swami is 

  • A self made Entrepreneur and Leader, who leads by example, make a difference to unleash the human potential in everyone with a focus to facilitate individual & Organizational Transformation
  • Transformational Coach & Mentor for Business & C Suite
  • Branding and GTM advisor for strategy and  growth for Series A startups and SMEs 
  • Currently, in CA, experience includes 3 exits and 
  • Motivational speaker 
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