Hyper Automation and Digital Transformation

Hyper Automation and Digital Transformation solutions for standalone and integrated applications

Business Growth is all about Speed, Accuracy and Timeliness (SAT)

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Augmented and AI enabled end to end business that continuously improve throughput of business processes is known as hyper automation or intelligent automation. Hyper automation enables complete business transformation and potentially reduces operational costs by 50%. Hyper automation technologies include Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), and OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Hyper automation is basic building block to achieve Speed and Timeliness (ST).

X Analytics is used to solve the toughest challenges by combining structured and unstructured data such as text analytics, video analytics and audio analytics i.e., all forms of relevant business information. X analytics is to achieve Speed and Accuracy (SA).

Hyper automation + X analytics delivers SAT

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This combination makes enterprises more responsive and sensitive to market dynamics. It enables
organization to dynamically change their processes based on the ever-changing and evolving customer
needs, reformat their existing processes and deliver goods and services as required by end clients. It
does not force companies solve customer and environmental problems in data silos or old archaic
processes but incorporates data in all forms and transforms processes dynamically to meet new

Legacy predictive models, forecasting frameworks, and dashboards have become un-reliable as the
environment, customer behaviors, ecosystems, and laws keep changing rapidly. Data is being streamed
real time now which needs to be analyzed with enterprise held data, match data against the core,
understand how and what has changed, derive dynamic patterns, capitalize shifts, reformat processes,
define new KPIs and deliver based on them.

Kanerika and STSGlobal

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Kanerika and STSGlobal have come together bringing the best technical and business minds to solve
these complex business problems. Kanerika with its unique Solution Architecture” KOMPASS” and
technical expertise along with the STSglobal’s industry knowledge help clients reduce their process
times, integrate and analyze complex processes and data, find new patterns, enable companies to
change processes dynamically, and build dynamics dashboards and reports on demand which help
clients take faster and informed decisions.

Hyper automation + X analytics delivers SAT

KOMPASS is a unique solution architecture offered by Kanerika which delivers SAT to clients. KOMPASS has a multi layered and composable architecture which enables instant plug and play with any technology stack.

Built on an open framework, it uses standard and prebuilt configurators along with connectors which ensure seamless data flow across complex proprietary and off the shelf solutions. It uses AI and NLP based technologies to analyze the data, create meaningful relationships, built dynamic patterns and automate redundant as well as mundane processes. It also analyzes processes dynamically, preempts blockages, and re-routes them to ensure greater productivity outcomes. Along with a set of prebuilt and preconfigured BOTS for mundane processes using the best-in-class technology, KOMPASS ensures ease of use, faster implementation and deployment, reduction in process time and improvement in accuracy
of reporting.

KOMPASS can be deployed across different verticals namely Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Insurance, Financial, Banking, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Travel. Its preconfigured processes and prebuilt tools for these industries help reduce costs by 50%, and improve process timings by 70%.

Kanerika partners with Microsoft, UiPath, Blue Prism, Snowflake, Synatic, Incorta, Trifacta, Automation
Anywhere and Domino Data Lab as KOMPASS’s components for its global clients.


Why Kanerika ?

Kanerika is a niche consulting firm building efficient enterprises with deployment of automated, integrated and responsive solutions. Kanerika enables efficient enterprises through its unique digital consulting frameworks and AIOps enabled composable solution architecture. Kanerika helps some of the top brands across the globe in increasing their speed to respond in evolving market conditions, reducing their cost of operations, empowering them with the right tools and insights for effective decision making. Kanerika was started in 2015 by a few industry veterans with an objective of helping clients build efficient enterprises. For more details, please visit www.kanerika.com

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