PetroComp Suite


PetroComp suite provides feature-rich, flexible and high-performance accounting, land and production solutions to help U.S. upstream producers drive efficiencies, productivity gains and cost savings across their operations. The suite includes the following solutions:

  • PetroComp Accounting
  • PetroComp Land
  • PetroComp Production
  • PetroComp PEEK

PetroComp Accounting

PetroComp Accounting is a comprehensive oil and gas accounting system that manages everything from general accounting functions, such as payables, receivables, general ledger and reporting, to joint venture accounting, including AFE reporting, joint interest billing and revenue distribution. It can handle the accounting needs of both multi-company and intercompany business environments.

The system is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics® SL financial system to provide a total enterprise solution that can be scaled to meet your specific business and technology requirements.

PetroComp Land

PetroComp Land manages oil and gas leases and other fee properties. Designed to accommodate the small to mid-sized organization, the system tracks all lease-related information, including rental payments, shut-in status and obligations. It maintains extensive information for prospects, leases, tracts, contracts and properties.

CGI’s PetroComp Land solution is fully integrated with the Microsoft Business Solutions Solomon IV financial system to provide a complete, scalable enterprise solution.

PetroComp Production

PetroComp Production (PDF) handles data management, government reporting, gas plant settlement, and first purchaser processing and reporting. The system is Windows-based and fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics® SL financial system.

PetroComp PEEK

PetroComp PEEK is a petroleum economic evaluation package designed to deliver answers when evaluating acquisitions and divestitures, exploration prospects, finance and leverage comparisons, reserve estimates, budget forecasts and risk expected value analysis. It’s a Windows-based system with FORTRAN at its core and is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics® SL financial system.

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